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Carbonia Composites AB

About us

Carbonia Composites AB

About us

Carbonia Composites AB

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Welcome to Carbonia Composites AB - Your partner for advanced composite solutions!

our history

Carbonia does not only work with molding technology for composite materials. We also have solid expertise in material selection, design technology, surface treatment and validation of carbon and glassfiber composites.

Our post-processing and assembly of carbonfiber products meet the highest demands on precision, function and aesthetics.

Products that make a difference

In addition to our own in-house resources, we have long-term collaborations with several material suppliers, which enables us to take overall responsibility at a greater level of complexity. This allows us to deliver finished components or products that can be put into use directly at the customer or end user.

We are known for our advanced automotive components and carbonfiber antennas, which have been in daily use worldwide for the past 20 years. Our competence extends over the entire process, from fabric cutting and CNC milling to painting, bonding, assembly and inspection. Every step is carried out with precision and dedication to ensure our products meet and exceed the highest standards.

Our production technologies


  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)
  • Vacuum infusion

Post-processing and assembly

  • Milling (5-axis CNC controlled)
  • Waterjet cutting (5-axis CNC controlled)
  • Precision assembly in precision fixtures
  • Surface treatment

Design and validation

  • 3D-CAD
  • FEM analyses
  • Mechanical testing
  • Non-contact precision measurement (Photogrammetry)

Our vision

At Carbonia Composites, we strive to be the industry's leading innovators and suppliers of advanced composite solutions. We look forward to continuing to challenge norms and shape the future of composite materials through our dedication to quality, innovation and sustainability.


Contact Us

We welcome you to explore our range and discover the benefits of our advanced composite products. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can create tailored solutions for you. Together, we can shape a future where composite materials play a decisive role in the development and sustainability of technology.


Thank you for choosing Carbonia Composites AB.