Antenna systems

Satellite communication components

Antenna systems

Satellite communication components

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What makes us unique

We have manufactured and developed over 5000 antenna systems. Our unique production technology allows cost-effective manufacturing for both large and small series.

We have very high quality assurance and measurement technology that results in problem-free type approval for satellite owners.

Components we have created

VSAT Antennas

Carbonfiber structure for VSAT antenna. Developed by Carbonia on behalf of the client. Made entirely of carbonfiber/epoxy with very high form accuracy for optimal antenna performance. The antenna is divided into sections for easier transport and to meet IATA's requirements for air baggage. The low weight of the carbonfiber material contributes to transportability and handling. Series produced in numbers of approx. 200-300 per year Total approx. 1200 units produced.

C-band antenna 2.4 m

2.4 m directional (active) C-band antenna for ship mounting.

Made of carbonfiber/epoxy with vacuum injection.

The reflector, which has an area of ​​about 5 square meters, is manufactured with vacuum injection and weighs only about 20 kg and has a very high form accuracy.

Protective hood

Skyddshuv till fartygsbaserat stridsledningssystem. Tillverkad i ett egenutvecklat sandwichlaminat med glasfiber, kolfiber och kärnmaterial med hjälp av vacuuminjicering

Contour milling and hole drilling is performed with high precision 5-axis NC controlled milling cutter. Requirements for high stiffness, low weight, EMI protection.


Made in carbonfiber/epoxy using RTM. Subreflectors are included in all antenna systems, requirements for low weight, high dimensional stability and electrical conductivity for optimal function.

VSAT antenna CCT-120

Thanks to its well-thought-out design knowledge and rational production technology, Carbonia is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon fiber antennas. We have manufactured over 5000 antenna systems, everything from 90 cm "Suit Case" to 2.4 m stabilized antennas for ship mounting.

VSAT antenna CCT-200

VSAT antenna for satellite communication. Made in carbon fiber/epoxy with resin transfer molding (RTM)

The antenna reflector is 2 m in diameter and can be divided into 6 parts for ease of transport. The antenna reflector is dimensioned to provide extremely good accuracy and stability.  


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